The Celebrity Comic Book

photo(9)Rosario Dawson did it.

Stone Cold Steve Austin did it.

Now Tyrese is doing it.

At least once a Comic-Con, attendees are ‘treated’ to a celebrity-based comic. The celeb hits the show floor, does a few interviews about how great the show is and how original his book is. Speculators rush in, buy the first few issues, sales dip, and the following year, the book is DOA.

The only successful celebrity comic scribes that come to mind are Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, and Raven the wrestler. To be fair, Raven only wrote a couple issues.

As you saw earlier, the minute we arrived at Comic-Con, several people shoved flyers promoting Tyrese’s book in my face. I walked past the Image Comics booth and saw people clamoring for Tyrese’s attention more than the book itself.

Before sitting down to write this, I did a quick search on Tyrese and his book. I found the following excerpts from the Miami Herald:

Why did you decide to write Mayhem?
“I was at a Comic Con convention and I saw all these people walking around dressed in different costumes and they just had so much passion. It moved me. I wanted to be part of that world and I’m just really having fun with it.”

What is the comic book about?
“It’s about the adventures of a gun-slinging vigilante who seeks refuge in the basement of a church. It comes out Aug. 5 and I think my fans are going to love it. So many of them have pre-ordered Mayhem, which is cool. Some of them had never read or picked up a comic book before.”

So, he came to Comic-con to promote Transformers, saw all the people and decided to get a piece of the action. Nothing wrong with that.

I just wish the folks that did this would be a little more forthright about it.