Nerd Riots

COMIC_CON_CADP103Most media and blog posts focus on all the stars and the wonderful panels at Comic-con. They usually gloss over several truths about the show:

  1. You can either attend panels or walk around to see displays. Not both.
  2. The areas around the booths run by the large media companies are hot and FUNKY. Seriously. The air is so thick with body odor that you have trouble breathing.
  3. Lines. There are lines all over the place. Lines for free bags. Lines for panels. And lines to get in. That’s where our Thursday report begins.

Unless you have an exhibitor’s badge, you aren’t getting in early. Why would people want to get in early? The toys!

Toys, toys, toys.

They’re all over Comic-Con.

Some companies, like Sideshow Toys, let you pre-order toys so that you can avoid yet another line at the show. Other companies, like Mattel, don’t. So there’s a stampede to get to their booth.

Fans, pros, and press bunch up outside the doors, waiting for the convention security, who coincudentally wear red shirts, to throw the doors open.

Yesterday, my fiancee chose door C to enter. 9:30 came and went, and door C didn’t open. The ‘C’ crowd watched as the fans from other doors stampeded in. The people at the front of the line knocked on the door, asking the redshirts to let us in.

The security guard said ‘I can’t.’

9:35 came around. The doors still didn’t open. A couple fans walked past and opened the doors. A few fans poured in before the 2 security guards made them go back and closed the door.

Then, a Comic-con photographer came by and took pictures of the upset fans.

At this point, the people in the front of the line started banging on the doors. Our favorite 2 Redshirts started talking into their walkie talkies.

About the same time, a fan walked by and gestured to everyone to go to the left to door C1. As the crowd left, 6 more redshirts appeared.

Sadly, I was unable to get the Wonder Twins toys. They are sold out until Saturday.

Also, there were no Marc Singer sightings. Instead, we saw Tommy Wiseau from ‘The Room’ and got a free copy of the film.

(PS. The pic was complete Stephe’s idea. Who doesn’t like a Wonder Woman photographer?)