Are you this guy?

same shooot 010
I was gonna save this for a “Good Morning.” – but this one needs a whole little story. A buddy of mine, who wishes to remain nameless because he’s worried that this dude is going to show up and punch him in the face, found a 4GB jump drive in the back of the cab. Like all people with pulses, he got curious as to what’s on it – and found a series of photos like this one.

And MP3s of the latest Lil’ John album.

Before I go on, a couple of things:

  • Whoever painted the walls in your room, nice work. Give me his number, I know someone looking to do some interior decorating.
  • I’m impressed with your choice of Navy Blue curtains vs. the standard Black. It shows a certain amount of sophistication.
  • Where do you plug your phone in, I notice there’s no nightsand.
  • Is your grandmother upstairs?

So – in an effort to try and be a Good Samaritan – if you are this guy – let me know, and I’ll send the drive back to you. I’m just looking for some good Karma Points, that’s all…

(a few more pics after the jump)