Hot or Not? (WTF Name Edition)

moon_bloodgoodI recently (about 3 months ago) received a Maxim at work that had Moon Bloodgood on the cover. Two thoughts went through my head.

  1. Who the hell is that?
  2. What the hell is that name?

To this day, whenever I say her name out loud, I can’t help but think I’m tripping over her name. Like I’m missing a real name. This sounds like a character name. And then people get all pissed at me when I don’t know she was on “Journeyman” – the weird some-what sorta time-travel show that I watched ONE episode of and immediately lost interest. Lost interest to the tune of picking up an issue of Sheila’s “People” that was on the coffee table.

And then she showed up in “Terminator 4: Christian Bale” – AND there was rumor of her going topless. However, it was merely a marketing ploy (that worked) because there was NO topless scene in that movie (which I’m still kinda pissed about). AND THEN – she shows up in another one of my favorite TV shows – “Burn Notice” – it’s like A-Team meets McGyver meets The Equalizer. Seriously, Sandy, you need to get that show on DVD – catch up now. And on Burn Notice – she looks terrible. Simply… Terrible.

So now I’m all confused. Killer body, interesting name, scifi movie cred, shows up in stuff I like to watch, but she is ALL OVER THE MAP. I need help. Someone just tell me – is Moon Bloodgood hot?

Moon Bloodgood - Hot or Not?

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