Does being in a glass box bring awareness?


More importantly – does being “David Arquette” in a glass box bring awareness? I guess so, because I’m talking about it, but I guess, Snickers, if you want to tell everyone that you are battling hunger, then get someone that people will pay attention to. At the end of the day, all David is doing is sitting in a glass box on top of Madison Square Garden, and watching TV, making phone calls, and leaving when he has to do Number 2. What kind of awareness does that bring? That’s like me saying I’m bring awareness to Diabetes by going to work, sitting at my desk, and doing my job.

This actually defeats, in my opinion, what they are trying to do. I’m spending more of my time saying, “Why David Arquette?” instead of “Wow – I should do something!”

Lame. Also – he’s only doing it for 2 days, 8 hours each day. So today/tomorrow, if you’re in NYC, stop by and say hi. And throw him a sandwich.