At what point…

madoff_1205718c…do we just go ahead and call them “Madoff Schemes”?  I think it’s ok to start talking about this now, you know, out of respect to those that lost their shirts believing they were pulling in 13%-22% in a downturn economy.

Up until now, we’ve been honoring the guy who first came up with the idea of ripping off friends, loved ones and strangers alike.  However, we have a guy who took that concept, and blew it out of the freakin’ water.  It’s like when the US dropped the bomb at Hiroshima.  Before, they were just “really big explosions”.  Madoff re-wrote history.  Can’t we at least give him a few points for that?  Or is that un-PC?  Am I not allowed to tip my hat and say, “Well played Mr. Madoff.  Well played, indeed.” – or if I do, will I have to hear about the million horror stories of rich people he ripped off?  Like Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.  I think he ripped them off, so now, they don’t have anything.  Or, that’s what “The View” would like me to think.  From where I’m sitting, it looks like Kevin and Kyra are doing just fine.

Did Madoff rip off Stephen Baldwin – or is he just a loser?

All I’m saying is that we should rename Ponzi Schemes as Madoff Schemes.  He still goes to jail, he still stays there to think about what he’s done, and live out the remaining 9 years of his life, that doesn’t change.  We just modify text books to talk about scams form this point forward as Madoff Schemes with the little * – that denotes the history of Madoff Schemes…

Who’s with me?