2-Second Movie Review: LIAR LIAR

liar liarSo I saw Liar Liar on cable this weekend and let me tell you, this movie is not that good. But it is interesting. It was made in 1997, which was in this weird buffer period when fashion, especially in offices, was just strange. All of the guys in this movie are wearing suits that are 2 sizes too big. And all of the colors are browns and maroons and grays.  It seems like this movie was a transition for Jim Carrey, hot off of the success of his universally-known hits in the ’90’s, this is the first time when we get to see him as a family man. I now have a theory that he had to do a movie like Liar Liar to get to do movies like Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, both of which I totally love. His early stuff is so over-the-top campy that there’s no way he could’ve gone straight to drama. But take another look back at the original Ace Ventura. It’s hilarious. There are a few funny bits in Liar Liar but most of the time I was thinking oh yeah, Maura Tierny was in ER for a while. Never did get in to ER.