Really, Underoos?

daisydukeunderoosOf course, we all remember Underoos, we remember putting them on and feeling like Superman, Spiderman, or Batman, because Underoos made us look like these Superheroes. I even had Boba Fett, which actually had the design of Boba Fett’s armor on it, so you looked like the at-the-time not-so-famous bounty hunter. 

But we all remember that Underoos jumped the shark at some point and just started putting pictures of people on them. That always took some of the fun out of Underoos, after all I already had shirts that just had superheroes jumping on them, what I wanted was to LOOK LIKE A SUPERHERO or at least know that underneath my regular clothes I had a secret identity. 

But what are the five worst Underoos? This fun article catalogs some true losers. 

By the way, Underoos are still around – if Underoos were to create a specialty wing that put out shirts that made you, an adult, look like Bossk or a Twin Pod Cloud Car pilot,or Han Solo in Hoth Gear would you buy one?

Hattip: Dad 2.0