F*** Off


Please, please, please, stop comparing everything to fishing, hunting, taking your kids to Soccer practice, knitting, and making peach preserves. Not everything is ye olde tyme folksy downe home country tyme. A couple weeks ago I had to endure the constant rambling of how Indiana’s David Letterman just didn’t understand midwestern values (presumably – the way an Alaskan does). And now your resignation and follow up interviews are just littered with metaphors of how quitting politics is a lot like working on the truck with Skeeter or something like that.

Since they discovered the midwest about thirty years ago, wealthy, elite, Washington D.C. Republicans have somehow convinced Ohio that, they too, listen to Travis Tritt. Somehow they’ve made it work enough to get Hollywood Actor Ronald Reagan and Prescott Bush’s Cheerleader Grandson declared Rednecks. But you, you’re no good at it. 

So what have we learned? That I think it’s easier to become Governor than I had previously thought.