25kumar02-600Recently saw Harold and Kumar 2 on HBO and it’s as funny, if not a lot funnier, than the first one. Though the first one has it’s slow parts, the point of thing is pretty clear: let’s get these two guys two White Castle and pack in the jokes. Watching Part 2, I didn’t know what to expect and honestly thought I’d turn it off after 15 minutes, but I watched it all the way through — in large part due to Rob Corddry as the Homeland Security guy hot on their trail. Every scene he’s in, he’s so over-the-top committed that you are pretty much forced to laugh out loud.  Part 2 starts where the first one left off — right after the All Valley Karate Tournament, Johnny’s talking to his Sensei, and . . . All I have to say except that this movie is loaded with jokes and I found it to be totally enjoyable. Obviously you really don’t care if they get in or out of Guantanamo Bay. Watching some of these scenes, you’re like, damn Kal Pen, you got hired to work in the White House. Damn, Harold, you got to play Sulu. I honestly love it when actors from camp comedies go on to play legitimate foreign aides or helmsmen of the Enterprise. IMDB reports that A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is in the works.  All that plus Doogie Howser.