Here I go again…

true_blood_s1e7-500x332Is anyone out there watching True Blood? Probably not. But I have to admit, I’m hooked. And this isn’t a show I would recommend – I am NOT going to tell Sandy to start watching this. In fact, if you have avoided it until now, I would suggest you do so. It’s annoying and guilty-pleasure-ish at the same time. And for the record – Anna Paquin has really stopped being hot. I know you get to see her boobs and everything – but that gap and terrible acting has really pushed her into the realm of more than a little annoying. If she wasn’t a central character, I’d fast-forward through all her scenes.

Long story short: Vampires are now a part of society. They have “come out of the coffin” (not my words). And this is about how all the racism we had towards African Americans is now transferred to Vampires. And gays. Apparently, America will always hate the gays, vampires or not. But African Americans? White people in the south can tolerate them – and even, get this, hang out and have sex with them! I’m not even joking. Alan Ball, the guy who did that show about the gay funeral home director and the brother who does drugs and the whole thing was a dream or something (I stopped watching after 2 seasons) now does this show…

Anyway – the initial thing that caught my attention was the opening credits – pretty damn cool. Sex, death and red stuff that’s blood (sometimes) along with preachers and baptisms and a pretty cool song. Then, I started watching it – and I was more intrigued about where the HELL they were going to go with this vapid use of vampires. Ugh. So I’m stuck. It’s auto-magically DVRd – and I can’t just “delete” something – I have to watch it. HAVE to. It’s a disease of the digital world.

I am still not sure if I like it, but I am sure I like the intro:
So, if YOU watch it – let me know, I really don’t want to be the only one.