The New Future of the GOP, Issue 5

2275141118_0fd621135fGoats. We took our son to Brookfield Zoo this weekend and he fed goats. It was in the petting zoo. I put $.50 in a little gumball machine, turned the knob, and out came a handful of goat food. Some sort of little grain nuggets. I put them in my 2-year-old son’s hands, and helped him feed goats. He was DELIGHTED. Their little snouts stuck out from the fence, their weird little lips and long tongues just scooped up the food. He busted a gut, he laughed so hard.

DSC_0455That picture above, is not of my son. But that’s pretty much what it looked like as he fed goats. This picture here, is my son. This was not taken as he fed goats, but it’s pretty much the same look of Joy he had as he fed the goats.

So I realized that one of the biggest problems for Republicans is that their negative disposition has really alienated young voters. But Goats! Apparently, kids LOVE goats. And kids are tomorrow’s voters. So admittedly, it’s not a short term solution to Republican’s woes, but it would be laying the foundation for about 16 years from now. Goats. Do it, Republicans. Goats. Put one at the podium, immediately.