tf2-ravageNot a surprise with this review — after giving a glowing PREviewof this movie the other day, I finally got around to seeing it on Saturday and let me say folks, this movie kicks some serious ass! Though — controversy alert — even though I’ll give it the usual Michael Bay 5-Star Gold Standard for including all things requisite of kick ass Michael Bay movies — I didn’t like it as much as the first one. I like that the battle scenes are *longer* but you know what, they’re fewer and farther between. If I was directing this, I’d cut about 1/2 of the college scenes and pump-in some more stuff with the (SPOILER ALERT) Autobots and the Nest Joint Task Force kicking ass all around Shanghai. I mean, that’s what we want to see. We want to see some hotties but we also want to see the Autobots kicking some ass with the special ops team in Shanghai just a little bit more. Great to cast Aaron from 24 so heavily, great to bring back (SPOILER ALERT) John Tuturro, the parents are really funny, tons of great cliffhangers and super high stakes. Kate went to the bathroom at one point and when she got back, so much had happened that I didn’t know what to say except “you missed a ton and now the stakes are super high.” I like all of the backstory with the Pyramids, harvesting energy from the sun, and those Constructicons are pretty hot but I’d like to see them a LOT more. Even though I’m a huge fan of the Air & Space Museum, I probably woulda cut that in favor of more Constructicons. Maybe a scene where they’re debating when to go in and join Megatron or something. But no need to nit-pick America’s favorite movie and something that I will cherish on DVD for years to come.