Transfomers 2. Wow.

megan_fox-lipsAs Stephen alluded to earlier, we attended the midnight premiere of Transformers 2 at the Navy Pier Imax last night. I do not have nearly the same ability as Sandy, Adam or Stephen to write a quality movie review. Plus, I spent most of the time trying to figure out what was happening in the story or trying to think of a name for whatever Shia Labeouf was doing. So instead of a review, I’ll just dole out my observations of the night.

  1. There are robots in this movie.
  2. I had this specific thought at one point: Some really ambiguous pile of sharp metal and steel just punched another really ambiguous pile of sharp metal and steel. Though I don’t know who, I’m pretty sure someone just got their ass kicked. I sure hope it was bad the guys.
  3. (Spoiler alert, if there is such thing for this movie) I think in the screening room during the last scene everyone said “I can’t tell who won that fight.” So, for clarity, they gave this line to Optimus Prime: You will fall, and I will rise. “OHHHH! NOW I know who won.” Dialogue writers 1, SFX guys 0.
  4. (Alert, I’m going to spoil the spoiler, for Joel’s sake. He wasn’t quite sure what happened at the end) Guess fucking what!? The good guys win. Oh, and we see some entirely unnecessary if not altogether un-enjoyable shots of Megan Fox’s lips. Dialogue Writers 1, SFX guys 0, Megan Fox’s lips 2.
  5. The guy to my left actually had a talking Optimus Prime helmet that he wore before the show. During the show, he cradled it like a father would a small child.
  6. The sound in this movie was damn scary. Not the music, the SOUND.
  7. At one point in the movie, an Arab midget makes an appearance as an Egyptian military commander and the audience lost it. But it wasn’t outright laughter, like – “hey there’s one of those tiny guys and this is too awkward for me to deal with so I’m gonna howl with laughter.” It was more like a semi-burst of applause, followed by a smattering of laughter, a couple “Aw YEAHs” and “DAMNs,” rounded out with some “HOLY CRAPs.” There must be something I missed. If you know the significance of Arab midgets in movies about hi-tech battling robots from space, please leave a comment explaining this. We were utterly baffled.
  8. Popcorn and soda cost more at the Imax theatre, even though, relative to the size of the celluloid used in the projector, the portions are actually smaller.
  9. Besides horribly racist portrayals of just about everyone who wasn’t white as well as, again, totally unnecessary if not totally un-enjoyable shots of Megan Fox’s lips, bad dialogue and a story full of loop holes – even in its own world, this was enjoyable. And Megan Fox can shoot a gun.

Transformers the movie 0, Megan Fox shooting a gun 2.

Megan Fox seems to score in increments of 2.