Simple Transformers Trivia…

So, while waiting for the midnight showing of Transformers 2, I decided to pull out the Flip camera, and task Brad with asking questions to innocent patrons standing in line. Very simple quiz –

  • What was Soundwave?
  • What was Grimlock?
  • Give me a line in the style of Grimlock.

Grimlock (a dinosaur)

Grimlock (a dinosaur)

Now, these are people showing up for a midnight screening of a movie based on toys. A midnight screening in IMAX – so the ticket is like 2x just heading over to the AMC 21. Additionally, these toys made up a major part of my (and a few other people’s) childhood.

Regardless – here are the results. Oh – and, to my chagrin, Brad had no idea what the answers were – so in a couple cases, he gets the question wrong. There, I think, is one video of me asking a question, and when they don’t know the answer, you can hear the disgust in my voice, and I think I almost got punched. I have to find that one….