RIP Farrah Fawcett, and possible RIP Michael Jackson…

farrah-fawcettI have to admit, losing Farrah REALLY doesn’t affect me. I didn’t buy the poster, I didn’t watch the original Charile’s Angels. I never even saw, “The Burning Bed.” All I know is that at one time, she was married to the Six Million Dollar Man. So… I really have nothing to write about her. Other than no one should ever have to get anal cancer. Call me callous, I just don’t have an opinion. I’m sorry, and cancer is bad. That’s my opinion.

michael_jackson1Michael Jackson on the other hand, in a flurry of tweets and and FART URL links has me actually a little worried. I mean, joke what you may about Michael, but damn if you didn’t buy Thriller. If you say you didn’t, you’re lying. There’s some record or statistic that says enough copies of the album have been put out in so many formats, that there are 2 for every person living, have lived and will live. Chances are you got one, and you listened to it, and you rocked out to Billie Jean. Chances are just as good that you also bought a white glove at one point.

I’m not saying he wasn’t a tad bit crazy, but c’mon – the man defined a generation of music.

What really gets me is that for months news and entertainment agencies have had time to arrange the “Farrah Retrospective” – even already airing some TV movie or something. Everyone’s ready with that one, like everyone was ready for the Pope to die. But Jackson, Jackson on the other hand is a COMPLETE SURPRISE. Everyone’s busy cracking jokes about his crazy real estate auction – not prepping a TV movie for ABC starring Jamie Foxx as Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones as himself…

Which leads me to ask – How long before we see a TV movie – on any network – that promises to tell “The Whole Story”?