Hot or Not? (Career-Making Bends Edition)

megan-foxI was really on the fence surrounding this one. Mainly because, I thought this was a “no question” scenario. Apparently, I might be a little wrong on that.

In reading through a few reviews/comments/emails about Transformers 2, it seems as through there is a backlash against Megan Fox. How the f*ck can that be??

Sorry, sorry. I must at least *act* like I’m impartial. But seriously, 2 years ago, when I saw her bend over the car for the first time, with the arch in the back, “working” on the engine, there was no one else I wanted to be but that freakin’ Camaro. Or Michael Bay. To be on set that day and tell her, “Megan, Megan, Megan. I need you to ooze a little more sex from this scene. I’m not sure we’ve popped enough nerds in the audience. I WANT WOOD!”

But really, what’s wrong? Killer body – check. In one of my fanboy/childhood love franchises – check. Knows how to be coy and sexy – check. Killer body – check. I even challenge you to find me an unflattering picture of her on the internet. Either she’s got Google on the payroll to hide those photos or (more likely) they DON’T EXIST (Joe – I’m talking to you here).

So – yeah, vote if you want, but there is not a damn thing you can do to sway me. And besides, if you are planning on seeing Transformers 2 – just go see it in IMAX. Not only are the robot battles better – but Megan is the size of a six story building changing clothes in front of you. Not a bad thing at all. AT ALL.

Megan Fox - Hot or Not?

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