Why don’t people do this to their houses anymore?

Pure eleganceI drove right past this house on my way to work this morning (thank God for Google Maps, otherwise, I wouldn’t have a picture!), and I have to admit – I love it. Why doesn’t anyone put fake Venus deMilo’s and ceramic buffalo and Yodas and shit in their yards anymore? It’s a bit of elegance that seems to have been lost to the 70s, and treated as “lower class pretending to be upper class.” I think quite the opposite, it’s a regal expression of how much you love where you are in life, that you surround yourself with such elegance as you come home every night. It’s like living in an art garden, and provides interesting obstacles for your gardening crew.

I say, let’s have a return to these bygone days of glamour! No longer should these remain the cornerstone of 1973 movie kitsch! Who’s with me????