Not gonna liveblog – but you’ll feel like you’re there…

transf-originsTonight, fellow writer Brad Dunn and I, along with a few other intrepid souls are putting the geek into overdrive, and heading over to see the midnight show of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen at midnight at the Navy Pier IMAX.

Yes, I can tell you’re jealous. I will also tell you that Brad will be bringing a Flip Camera, and I will be taking pictures. There will be content on the site tomorrow highlighting the BEST Chicago has to offer when it comes to geekdom.

Personally, I’m hoping to run into someone dressed as Grimlock.

Bonus points if you know who Grimlock is. Bonus Bonus points if you played the line, “Me, Grimlock, not happy.” in a gruff tone in your head as you read this.

Also, feel free to comment anonymously to list all of the Transformers shown in this G1 pic that was on ALL of the toy boxes.

I can’t wait.