Colin Powell on education and blah blah blah…

topics_colinpowell_190Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has been speaking out recently on education, particularly of the drop out rate in the nation’s 50 largest school systems.

“Finishing high school is absolutely basic to being a success at any place in our society. We can’t afford this,” Powell said.

In May, Powell also spoke on Face the Nation about agreeing with Barack Obama on the need to close… Gaun… Oy, yawn, tanamo… bay zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Come on. COME ON. Colin Powell?!? Where’s the fear? The talk of an imminent terror strike? The line about spending into oblivion. Dude, you’re wrecking it. Education? 


I want fear-mongering. I want hate speech. I want to see lower class rural folk tricked into thinking that Republican fiscal policies are good for them.