Breaking: Ed McMahon down on his luck is dead.

Ed McMahonHonestly, I’m happy that this guy finally passed. He outlived his fame. Him, Mr. T, Gary Coleman and MC Hammer are people that should all, sooner or later, fade into the greatness of the sky. Reading about McMahon – and his poor investments, terrible divorces that raped him of more than 2/3 of his wealth over his lifetime, and the constant moniker “second banana” makes me think of “The Dark Knight.”

Seriously. Stay with me here.

There’s a line in the movie that’s repeated:

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

And it kinda goes that way with fame. No one can stay on top forever, so you have to respect those that can get out of the game quietly, with their fame intact, so that when they finally do die, people are either saying, “I thought he was already dead,” or “What a shame.” Not end it with a Cash4Gold commercial under their belt as their last project.

Good bye, Ed.

Also – as a side note, anyone else think that Christian Bale is kinda played out? I mean, I’ve heard of one-note actors, but he takes it to an extreme… Just thought I’d throw that out there as well.

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