2 Second Movie Review: DRAG ME TO HELL

notice the eye and mouth... thing

notice the eye and mouth... thing

First there’s a prologue and it’s sort low-key creepy and in Spanish at first and then really loud and cool sounding (seriously – this film has the best sound design and score)

Our hero (who looks a lot like Anne from Arrested Development [her?] but is actually Nic Cage’s daughter from Matchstick Men) is cursed by an evil gypsy woman with an eye… thing. There’s a lot of eye (and mouth)… stuff in this movie and it’s awesome. She’s cursed while working at the bank which isn’t important to the story except that her boss is played by David Paymer with a side of ham. The hero and her boyfriend (I’m A Mac) team up with this smooth-ass psychic and learn she has three days until she’s dragged to hell by a black goat demon. There’s more of the creepy gypsy woman with her eyes and her mouth. A couple of solid and hilarious scenes with a co-worker and I’m A Mac’s parents. Fantastic use of live goat. You will feel smart because you will see the ending coming and then you will be rightly shamed when that ending still entertains (owns) you.

So yeah, there it is. I’d recommend seeing it in the theater before it’s gone. 99 minutes you can strike off your calendar. You’re welcome.