Hot or Not? (Punky Edition)

soleil-moon-frye-2And by Punky, I mean Brewster. I’m sure every single one of you reading this site today grew up with Punky Brewster, that little scallywag of an elf that brought joy and happiness to Henry with her little dog Brandon (that she was seen hauling up to the Chicago apartment using a basket, some t-shirts and a complicated pulley system that I’m sure I couldn’t replicate if my life depended on it), and the constant declaration, “Punky Power”.

Little did YOU know that 20 years later, you would be innocently browsing the web, and find yourself here, staring at Soleil Moon Frye’s midriff.

Face to face with a shot of a fantastically gorgeous woman who no longer wears tights with shorts, a rainbow colored thermal shirt underneath a denim vest with a button that says, “I’m special – and so are YOU!” – you must be kidding yourself if you don’t squint your eyes and say to yourself, “Oh my!”

But, here is where we find ourselves. Honestly – I have NO clue what else she’s done, if she has a career, how old this photo is, or anything but what I am showing you now – and this is… well… just hot. I don’t remember her blooming as Punky, but apparently she was in overdrive. Regardless, the end result is extremely pleasant.


Soleil Moon Frye - Hot or Not?

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