2-Second can-of-worms TV Review: LOST.

locke_backgammonOver the past month, Kate and I have watched all of Lost from top to bottom, Brother. Never having seen an episode, we’re now fully caught-up.

‘Not Penny’ Spoiler: don’t read further unless you want to find out that Claire was the one who crashed Flight 815. Just kidding. She didn’t crash Flight 815. I mean, how CRAZY would that be? HA!!! I hope that joke read as well on your screen as it did when I typed it. Seriously, it looks super funny, just reading back. If you know Lost and you know Claire, you know how CRAZY that would be. The fans out there know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, here’s the quick version: as someone who’s always 5 seasons late to pop culture trends, let me confirm that this show kicks ass. So much has been written about this that I’ll just skip to the parts that I think are hot or the parts that I think suck.

  • I love the references to a paper company in Slough and TPS reports and Hoth.
  • I can’t stand that Sayid never cuts his fingernails.
  • I wish the producers could’ve convinced Mr. Eko to stay on for another season.
  • Juliet blinks way too much when she talks.
  • Love the nicknames.
  • And we get it, Jack and Locke never agree.  We get it, Kate was a fugitive.  
  • My favorite characters go between Jin, Sawyer, Desmond, Tom the Other and Ben when he was Henry Gale from Minnesota.  
  • It’d be cool for Walt to come back, but Michael kinda jumped the shark.  
  • Mikhail kicked some ass for a few episodes,
  • That sonic fence was pretty cool.
  • What’s up with those polar bears?  Think they jumped through time and picked-up some polar bears, or did the Dharma bring them over for their zoological research?  Or is that a cover for the time warps?  
  • Favorite station: Looking Glass.  Least favorite station: Arrow.  
  • I warmed-up to Daniel Faraday and Miles and I actually think Richard is in my top 3 characters.

Yup, Richard, Jin and Sawyer.  Locked in.  If Sawyer is Jack Bauer, Richard is the Tony Almedia.  If he was running around with Sawyer for a season, it’d be even more kick ass.

I think Season 6 will start with Bernard and Rose getting their tea and getting nuked from the Incident. Or Sawyer holding a boom mic for  the Swan orientation film.  Or another scene with Jack in surgery.

One of the three.