When is your favorite Apocalypse happening?

future-deathCheck the chart created by Dan Meth. This is probably the greatest quick reference out there for knowing when events from our favorite movies will happen/have happened. This is the kind of thing that while watching “Demolition Man” I would take a few moments to reflect upon how much longer until this future becomes my present. (Answer: currently 24 years)

All in all, it’s good to know that we are still 500 years away from recreating the futuristic disaster that is known as “Idiocracy”. So the big question – which movie events are MISSING from this graph? And not just vague events – but hard known dates/years?

Oh yeah, New York was walled in and turned into a prison camp invaded by Snake Pliskin 12 years ago.

Bigger version found here.
[Thanks Gizmodo via Dan Meth]