Hot or Not? (Perfect Booty Edition)

112708-jessica-bielI have to admit, I’m not particularly fond of Jessica Biel as an actress. I’ve seen “13 Ghosts” about 2 dozen times, for some reason, I can’t get enough of Monk and Shaggy in that movie, and the FX are awesome in it.

Right. Jessica Biel. So, yesterday Howard starts spending a good 10 minutes talking about a website that is just showing pictures of Jessica Biel’s ass. It’s called something like “Jessica Biel & Her Perfect Booty” – but that URL hasn’t been registered… yet. So, I don’t know exactly what site he was looking at, but a Google image search shows some AWESOME shots a perfect booty. And that elevates the “ok” to “holy shit, that’s hot”.

Based on shots of her booty – I’m in. All in. And I’m playing with a Full House. (I have no idea what that allusion means, but you get my drift.)

Jessica Biel - Hot or Not?

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