2-Second Movie Review: THE HANGOVER

030409100451_the-hangover-movie-detailI was told by multiple people who’s opinions I trust that this movie is seriously funny. And you know what? It is. It’s a seriously funny movie. I laughed out loud about 8 times so hard that I started coughing. But as hard as I was laughing in some parts, I was saying COME ON! with equal fervor in other parts. I kinda think that jokes of guys getting punched across the floor with wacky punchy sound effects are kinda played out. But then again, I’m 35, so what do I know. I thought Spies Like Us was great and saw it 100 times and my Dad thought it was stupid. And now we both love Lebowski. I mean, my Dad LOVES Lebowski. We watch it every Thanksgiving. Seriously. But then again, one of his favorite movies is Encino Man. Back to the movie at hand: there’s an amazing end-credit sequence, so be sure to stay through to the end. I won’t spoil any of the hilarity but agree with Justin who last week said that Zach Maliffffffnotgonnaworkhereanymore got all the good lines. I’m a huge fan of the guy who played Sack in Wedding Crashers, and kudos to Schadensuperfriend Gillian Vigman for a job well done!