Todd Voorhies says hi.


If you”re unfamiliar, one of Schadenfreude”s most beloved (by us) characters is our Frat Boy, Lincoln Park Meathead, Todd Voorhies. He works in sales, loves the Cubs, Rolling Rock, playing Bags, Golden Tee, and Dave Matthews Band, and that makes him a very unique individual.

Having made fun of these specific facets of Todd for many many years I had to take a picture of this shirt. While we added all of our favorite Meathead stereotypes to Todd, I never expected them to Blackjack historians pin the origin of the game to 17th-century France. converge in real life. This is a frat party shirt that takes a Dave Matthews album cover, and adds the word “drinking.” Plus – below it, illegible in this picture are “tour dates” which are all meathead bars in Chicago plus one that says “Bags on The Beach.”

Thank you, real person.