Hot or Not? (The Net Edition)

SandraBullockBeachSo here’s the dilemma. I love her from “Demolition Man*, I love her from “Speed“, and, I’ll admit it, I love her from “The Net.”

And then, in my opinion, she decided to make her career serious. She does all these lame-ass movies like “Miss Congeniality” and “The Lake House” and “28 Days“. And that’s when chicks get “un-hot” in my opinion. When they ignore the schlock they made early on in their career (the stuff I like) and then they become ‘actresses’ who do the bullshit interviews when promoting their movie. They ignore the fact that they kissed Sylvester Stallone. They ignore that they shot 30 minutes of a movie sitting in front of a computer terminal wearing a blanket. They ignore they drove a bus for 2 hours.

However – she is married to Jesse James. And anyone who has a TV show called, “Jesse James is Dead Man” where he does crazy shit like driving on the ice road – BEFORE IT IS FROZEN – probably has pretty good taste in chicks… So that weighs a little bit in the decision.

Also on the plus side – when anyone ever says, “Cute button nose” – I think of Sandra’s nose. That, in my opinion, is the definition of “cute button nose.”

Sandra Bullock - Hot or Not?

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* = bonus points for mentioning “Demolition Man” twice in one day