Hot or Not? (Wild Things Edition)

denise_richards-5076It’s been awhile, but a recent interview on Howard Stern, and someone brought up “Starship Troopers” today, and it inspired a new Hot or Not?

Denise Richards. She exploded on the scene with Starship Troopers – which, Sandy, I will go on record here and never to be edited – one of my Top 10 movies that no matter where in the plot it is at, if I channel surf to it, I’m watching it until it’s over. She then went on to do “Wild Things” with a chick that Adam just can’t get enough of – Neve Campbell (future contestant on Hot or Not?). In which the movie consisted of the two of them fighting, making out, making out in a pool, fighting, making out in a swamp, making out with Drama from Entourage, fighting, making out in a trailer, feeding body parts to a crocodile and making out.

At least, that’s what I remember from the plot.

Since then… She was a Bond girl (Christmas Jones – seriously?)… and then Charlie Sheen’s wife. I really can’t remember a single thing she’s been in since James Bond.

However – I’m gonna go with hot. Killer figure, real breasts (that’s what she told Howard) and looks good even when going to grab a gallon of milk from the Culbertsons. I mean, look at the picture – she’s just so fresh! The face of tomorrow. Granted, she looks a little cartoonish, and if she does her eyes too dark, she looks kinda like a Monet painting gone bad, but the majority of the time… Hot.


Denise Richards - Hot or Not?

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