Two-Movie Day

terminator4I skipped work the other day and made it a two-movie day with a friend of mine. 10:00 a.m. Star Trek, lunch, 1:40 Terminator. Long day, lot of action. I might need to see a Meryl Streep movie next. Here are a few things I learned and/or observed:

  • Is William Shatner pissed?*
  • Time travel confuses the hell out of me. But I will say, it’s a convenient tool to fix any plot problem.
  • Star Trek should’ve dropped all attempts to be funny and just acted like what it mostly was: a bad-ass action flick where dudes sky dive from space. From SPACE!
  • I am really glad that giant floppy crab worms don’t exist. Those mothers are scary. Matt, I’m sorry I kept kicking your leg 
  • It might have been a bad to idea to drink two beers and a shot of Jamieson before going into Terminator. But it might also have been a good one.
  • I didn’t know Adam had landed a role in Terminator. That’s awesome, Adam. Congrats.
  • How messed up is it that Kyle Reese now has to hang out with his son, John Connor, who’s now 20 years older than him. I smell sit-com spin-off.
  • The sit-com spin-off will probably include a T-600 as harmless comic relief. Probably as a house keeper. He’ll probably occasionally accidentally destroy a sofa or vase.
  • Did the final big badass Terminator really need to look like (very late and poorly placed spoiler alert!) Arnold? Why? I spent the next 3 minutes wondering if Arnold could have pulled that off, knowing full well that the flabby Gov. could not have. It really took me out of it. If Star Trek could leave behind Shatner, ditto Terminator.

* Thank God Shatner wasn’t in this Star Trek. I love the guy, but… You know. Priceline.