Oh, and Adam should have also mentioned that he likes to wear women’s clothes.

42178__468x_hanging-death-david-carradine-largeAnd more and more details keep coming out. Turns out the press in Bangkok revealed this photo from the scene. First, we find out that he died in Bangkok. Second, we find out Adam drank and hung out with him. Now, we find out he also like to dress like a woman while wrapping nylons around his wrists, neck and junk.

Last time I checked, David Carradine had an old man mullet – not lush, thick, dark wavy hair.

And those are clearly stockings.

I just hope this man’s reputation doesn’t get any more tarnished. After seeing this photo, I’m not sure if I can watch “Kill Bill” with the same attitude I did before. However, if there’s a way to go – I give him credit for going out the way he wanted. Not in some bed, dying of a heart attack in his sleep, not taking too many pills and forgetting your name before passing into the great beyond, and not dying in some stupid simple accident on the set of a movie.

Nope. He went out dressed like a woman, strangling himself with nylons. In Bangkok.

[via Sankakucomple.com – slightly NSFW]