Things that don’t occur to me unless I’m home


I’ve been home for the week watching my sister graduate High School and visiting as much family as I can. Whenever I’m home I’m privy to Mom’s tv watching habits. My tv watching habits consist of stealing episode 2 of Lost off the internet in 2009 but not putting it on my ipod until I’ve made room by deleting the five Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons ripped from my sister. But when I’m home the options are more diverse. There’s two observations I make everytime I’m home:

  1. Nancy Grace is WAY to excited about missing kids and I theorize the leading cause of child abduction is being named Neveah

My God what a great casting call this guy must’ve went to in what had to be 1970? Imagine if he’d held out because he was trying to get the part in You Only LIve Twice? I’ve never seen Mom’s soap opera without this guy in it. I seem to remember him being retarded and missing and a twin at various times, but always on when I catch five seconds of Mom’s Soap Opera. I mean think of the other actors who’ve gotten fleeting fame in the amount of time this guy has quitely driven to work every day for 30 or 40 years. Ben Affleck, David Caruso, Linda Blair, two different careers for Jodie Foster and William Shatner’s initial success and then two comebacks. He’s spanned both John Travolta’s successes and every time we’ve tried to ignore Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts. 

David Canary, the most underrated acting career  of all time.