Summer Sunday BBQs

bbqThis is more of a plea than anything else.

Sundays during the summer are the traditional evening where you get to recoup from whatever you did on Saturday. Things move at a slower pace. If you’re tired enough, you may even be hoodwinked into watching the ABC Sunday Night Movie about teenage pregnancy because you didn’t even realize it was on.

However, there are those out there that like to schedule BBQs on Sundays. I’m all for that. A pound of raw meat thrown on a grill until cooked, and then devoured with any combination of condiments – I’m totally in. Hell, I’ll even bring beer, brats, buns or any combination of the three. I’m all for it. ESPECIALLY if the weather permits.

What I’m not into is the concept that a BBQ is scheduled to begin, at, say 3.30 – and I arrive at 3.30 – and the grill isn’t being brushed, fired or charcoal isn’t being loaded that moment. Worse yet? When I show up at 3.30 – I get the comments “Oh! You gonna help sweep?” or “Wow – someone’s early!” No, I’m not here to help, and no, I’m not here early – YOU said 3.30 – so that’s when I showed up. Let’s get this thing going!

Because, you see, now everything is at least an hour behind. Because once people start arriving, nothing every goes according to plan. You can’t say, “I’m just gonna run out and fire up the grill…” Because Aunt Lizzie just walked in the door, and now you have to have the big discussion about the fact you changed email addresses, and now the really funny picture of the cat with the New York Times that she sent you keeps getting bounced back. If you don’t want to eat until 6 – then fine – tell me the start time is 6.

Yeah, maybe it’s because I’m old, or a curmudgeon, or a baby (no one says anything when a family shows up late and leaves early because the kids have specific nap times) or maybe, I would expect people to have a little more respect for time. I’d like to get home before 9PM on Sunday, that’s just me. NOW – if you move it to Saturday, there’s a little more wiggle room – but Sundays – don’t fuck with Sundays.

I’ve had 2 BBQs during my stint as a homeowner. (Technically, I still am a homeowner, I just don’t live there) Each time – the grill was warming by the time the first guests came through my gate.

(I do realize that this post will dramatically reduce the number of BBQ invites I receive this summer, and that’s OK)