Hondurans and Beer

United States vs HondurasWhen Honduras scored their only goal in the 5th minute of their World Cup qualifying game against the U.S. at Soldier Field, thousands of Honduras fans, most of them likely Hondurans, threw their beers. All over the place, but mostly on the right side of my head and body. Given the ratio of Hondurans to Americans was easily 4-1, I got drenched. I thought this must be how Hondurans celebrate. I get it. In soccer, a single goal may be the only goal you make. In fact, that was the case for Honduras.

But in the second half, when an official made a call they disagreed with, the Honduras fans got really angry. And threw their beers all over the place. On us. On the field. From high up in the stands to down in the first row, Beer reined down. A frat boy’s dream.

My new conclusion is not that Hondurans love or hate beer, but that they use beer to express themselves. I imagine the streets of Honduras offering public spigots that provide free beer. Because if you’re having a domestic squabble, or a fight at a bar, you could easily grab a beer and throw it at the person with whom you’re arguing as well as everyone else around you. But if you’re walking down a street, and like often happens here in Chicago, a cab driver cuts a corner a little too close to you, what are you going to do? You’re going to the nearest public beer spigot, quickly pour a cup of beer and start throwing it at everyone. I imagine it’s also legal to drive with open containers in Honduras. Because once you’ve thrown beer at someone, simply giving the finger isn’t nearly as gratifying, I’m only guessing. But I think beer isn’t just for negative expression. I think that in Honduras a lot of beer must get thrown at airport gates, weddings and in hospital delivery rooms.

When you think about it, there are worse things than throwing beers. It could be punches. Or rocks.