Now, I’m not saying Patti STOLE our bit… BUT…

Last night on the trainwreck – er – hit show, “I’m a Celebrity” on NBC, Patti Blago said:

“My husband had this campaign where he was running against this woman who was a little bit like her,” Patti told him quietly. “And he thought of her as, as like a crazy old aunt. That he had to kind of like suffer and kind of like, and kind of just like, roll your eyes at. Like she’s the kooky old aunt. You had to be respectful to her because she’s your old aunt.”

For the record – we believe she was talking about Judy Baar Topinka, and for a few years now, we’ve been referring to her as “Your crazy Aunt Judy” – as evidenced in the following clips.

You decide? Should we petition Patti for a few bucks for our intellectual property?
(FYI – that clip was uploaded on 10/06)