RIP David Carradine – Barefoot Kung-Fu Magician Master

lookin-tnI will always remember watching “Kung Fu” on KMSP Channel 9. He walked through the desert. Or the plains. Or some snow-covered landscape.

But, apparently, he’d had enough. He decided to take a long walk off a short pier, and end his life. In Bangkok. I can’t quite find out yet if he OD’d, blew his head off, or was asphyxiated by some Bangkok prostitute, but I’m sure that knowledge will be shared soon enough.

Very sad day that we lose one of Adam’s heroes… He worked with him on a film sometime ago, I’m sure he’ll put the story in the comments. However – one word of note to everyone out there with a personal website: If you are going to commit suicide, at least send a note to the webmaster so that you can change your homepage.picture-11