Hot or Not? (Lostie Edition 2)

sunThere is something that I just find completely alluring about Sun. Again – it might be the character because I have no idea of anything else that Yunjin Kim has been in. In fact, honestly, I didn’t even know her name was Yunjin Kim until I Googled, “Sun Lost” – fortunately she was the first link to come up ahead of the story of the boy that was lost in an airplane reported by The Sun. Whew.

You know, I’m not even sure why I picked this photo – I don’t think this is one of her best promo shots. In retrospect, I think I may have unintentionally “Not-Hotted” her. I mean, in the show, she’s not running around in bikinis or anything, but there has always been something special about her. I think I should have posted this shot. I mean, you look at that one, and you immediately start to look around to see if your wife is looking over your shoulder, you wonder if you are even allowed to look at that picture at work, you might even start to salivate – just a little bit.

But this photo… Eh. Regardless, I’m still going with hot. But mainly because I like Sun’s character and is very sad she is dead. (Awwww – just kidding – that’s in there because Kate and Sandy are watching Lost from the beginning. They don’t know anything about what happens to her and Walt. Awww – got you again! She’s fine. Really, she’s fine….)

Yunjin Kim - Hot or Not?

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