Who watched Conan last night?

conan-setThoughts? I watched through the opening, the monologue and the 47 video bits, and then went to bed right before Will Ferrell came on. I get it, he’s promoting Land of the Lost. He’s funny – there’s probably going to be a Twitter joke somewhere in there or something (because that’s how you relate to the digital generation).

I have to admit, it was good to see Conan at 10.30, and some bits were funny, it was great to see Andy Richter back in the saddle – BUT – I do hope that “video” isn’t the hallmark of the new era of the Tonight Show. Wait. Like I care. I can’t tell you the last time I sat down and watched The Tonight Show – and it wasn’t because of Jay – it was because Family Guy is on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim – and I’d rather be guaranteed a laugh than gamble my time away.

So – am I gonna watch it again? Maybe. However, if there’s one more video piece in the intro setup with, “My life now is blah blah blah – wanna see how crazy it is….” Then I’m really done. Just because you have this cool new toy of Hollywood Conan doesn’t mean you need to abuse the hell out of it. (But the Taurus getting the girl pregnant was a funny joke.)

Poll time – if you watched Conan’s first night – what did you think?

What did you think of Conan's first night?

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