Now that I own a part of GM

drawing-shamish_lgI have a few requests.

  • No more blue cars. Or green cars – they look stupid, and don’t want ’em
  • Put Sirius in every car. Howard Stern is still awesome entertainment
  • I want to be treated like an owner each time I walk into the dealership. I want a cup of coffee, and I want them to know me by name, but call me Mr. Schmidt
  • Get rid of OnStar – it’s overpriced GPS and handsfree calling. No one needs to talk on the phone while driving – and I can get you a GPS for $30 if you get lost
  • Owner’s Meetings should be held at Perry’s Deli on Orleans. Maybe once a month or so
  • Every car should have a “Turbo” button. Doesn’t necessarily need to work, just give it to me
  • Every car should have a spoiler.
  • Every car should have tinted windows
  • Every car should have a remote starter
  • Every car should have one long bench seat in the back for better making out in the back seat

And who at GM is going to tell me I don’t know anything about car design – I say, “Oh Really? It looks like you don’t either. And you’re fired!”