I’m a Celebrity is Delicious Schadenfreude.

Watching Patti eat a tarantula – pure awesome. I can’t find it on YouTube yet – but there was about a 4 minute span of Patti talking about Blago. Best part? You get this crew of crazies (led by Janice Dickinson and Stephen Baldwin – she’s super skinny and he’s getting fatter by the second. Seriously, he gained 3 pounds while reading a letter on screen) – and Spencer (from Heidi and Spencer fame) says, “Ok, time to address the 800lb gorilla in the room, Patti. Why’s your husband doing jail time?”

That’s the 800lb gorilla? Further gems of the episode:

  • Spencer met Rod, and thought, this is the man I would vote for President of the United States
  • Patti defended her husband with aplomb, going so far as to saying that he was a man of the people, and he lost against special interest (which led to a “political fatcats” tag from Spencer)
  • Heidi prays very nicely
  • Frangela can’t drink cow intestine shakes faster than Sanjaya
  • Stephen Baldwin is the fat Baldwin brother
  • More people than you think watched this show (I checked Twitter)

All in all – I’m pretty sure I’m done with the show, but I enjoyed Frangela – the cutest black women on TV today.