Hot or Not? (Lil’ Blondie Edition)

reese-witherspoonIf they made a movie of the Blondie comic strip (maybe they already have, and I’m just ignoring it) they should cast Reese Witherspoon as Blondie. I’ll admit it here and now – I’m a Reese fan. She’s got indie cred (Election). She’s got blockbuster cred (Cruel Intentions – which happens to star another one of my blonde faves – Sarah Michelle Gellar) and she always looks like she’s having a good time.

Seriously – Google her – and she’s always smiling. I like that. There are girls that are hot – the kind that make you drop everything and just want to stare, and although she may not be that (I honestly don’t want to stare at her) she’s the kind of hot that gives you butterflies, and is just hot enough to be approachable by someone like me.

In the classic words of Sandy, “I’m sure that if I were alone with her for just a couple of hours, I could get her to love me.” (of course, he’s talking about Anne Hathaway) That’s the kind of hot we have here. So, it’s not “staring at the heart of the sun” kind of hot, but more like, “putting your hand in the way of a blowtorch” kind of hot. Still gonna do some damage.

So, yeah. Hot.

Reese Witherspoon - Hot or Not?

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