Compare-Everything-to-Hitler Day

hitler-catWhile watching the news coverage on the murder of George Tiller I couldn’t help but note how often he was compared by his critics to Adolph Hitler. He, of course, was not Hitler. Because no matter what someone’s done – Hitler was worse. He’s the one asshole we can all agree on. So it always seemed ridiculous to compare the phone company to him. Then a couple years ago I guess the statute-of-ridiculousness expired because suddenly everything seemed to be compared to the guy. Domestic Partnership, Global Warming, Obama’s rhetorical style has been compared to Hitler, and everything he does is Fascist.

It’s Hitler-mania. So for shits I’m declaring today Compare-Everything-to-Hitler Day. You don’t have to do it out loud or in public, but in your car, if someone cuts you off, call them a Stupid-Nazi Driver. If it takes a second for the barista to recognize you as being next in line, call her a Hitler under your breath. I for one cannot get this Nazi Hard drive to work and do not have time to clean up after these Hitler Dogs.