I’m going to Fuddrucker’s for lunch. Who’s in?

picture-1When was the last time you were at Fuddrucker’s? I have to say, it’s nigh on 10 years for me. I don’t remember it being extremely good, I just remember it was like the ultimate haven for creating the burger I wanted. And I dig that. Oddly enough, the topic of burger places in Chicago has come up – with LOTS of good names of restaurants coming up. So. Let’s start an informal little Metromix-ish poll here. Who’s got the best burger? My vote? I’m not shy – I’m going right off the bat with Kuma’s Corner up on Belmont.

Seriously. If you can order a burger that has “anger” listed as an ingredient – I’m in.

So – schad.net readers – who has it? Who has the Best Burger? Oh – and Witt, In-n-Out sucks. It’s a pop culture reference point, not a burger worth eating.

If there’s any missing from the list, add it in the comments, and I’ll update the voting options…

Who's got the best burger?

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