Hot or Not? (Vampire Mutant Edition)

nm_anna_paquin_090311_ssvUgh. I don’t even know where to start with Anna Paquin. I kinda think she’s hot, but I watched all last season of True Blood on HBO, and her really annoying southern accent completely turned me off. Plus, the promo shots for this season don’t really make her look any better.

BUT – she played Rogue. Now granted, it was a super-young Rogue in a retelling that ended up a big pile of stinking poo by the third go-round. But – it was still Rogue. So… that kinda makes her hot, I mean, at least from a geek cred point of view.

However, I keep coming back to that gap. It might have been adorable when she was 6, and in Piano, but now that she’s… Older. It’s just kinda of something that should have been fixed when she was 6.

I’m gonna go with Not – but it was like a 51/49 vote. The gap and bad accent just killed her for me.

And she’s not even really that great an actress.

Anna Paquin - Hot or Not?

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