Early pick of the week: THE CORE

7171541Now I know some people love to rip on hot movies, but it’s time we all take a step back and profess our inner appreciation for The Core. This was a big Hollywood movie from 2003, and it stars Aaron Eckhart, Bruce Greenwood (Pike from Star Trek), Hillary Swank from that Million Dollar Baby movie, Stanley Tucci, the French bad guy Kiss of the Dragon and the ever-awesome Delroy Lindo. For the uninitiated, Delroy Lindo was in a Rutger Hauer post-apocalyptic awesome fest called The Blood of Heroes, and if you haven’t seen it, check it out. It’s written and directed by David Peoples, and he’s the guy who co-wrote the screenplay for Blade Runner. Plus Rutger Hauer and Aaron Eckhart are both in the new Batman movies, so the math says that The Core is probably gonna kick ass. The Core has a basic premise that this science team comprised of Big Hollywood Second Bananas has to travel to the Earth’s core to blow it back into alignment and save the world. Sold. Plus, Hillary Swank has a strong meaty scene with Bruce Greenwood about this ¬†mission that nobody else will take, and how are they ever gonna pull this one off. ¬†I know I have a moratorium on buying DVD’s because who needs to buy DVD’s anymore, but I’m probably gonna buy The Core. In fact, I might just buy two and keep one as a back-up. I suggest you do the same.