Thanks Facebook

I am really excited about being back in contact with absolutely every single person I’ve ever met in my life. Thanks Facebook. I was really wondering how this guy from my high school was doing, and now I know:

 And now, I bring to you, a mostly-unedited series of Facebook messages with douchebag. Enjoy:

Douchebag: Bdunn! What up? I thought your last name was Cannan?

Brad Dunn: Hey DB. Glad you found me. Yeah, that was my step dad’s last name. They got divorced so I went back to my original last name just before college. Hope you’re well.

DB: I saw your name on Corey’s page and then your picture. So what’s up Bastard? What are you doing in Chicago? Being gay?

BD: Moved here after college. Glad to see you’re doing well, DB.

DB: u ever in denver?

BD: Once a year. Got a couple of friends there I go see.

DB: Yeah – like me. Call me up dude. I got a air mattress you can crash on.

BD: Thanks. I appreciate it, but I’m married and we have a little boy now. I’ll try to call you if I’m ever out there. We don’t go out very often. Take care, Brad

DB: Like I said, I got room. fuckin-a. You in touch with anybody from Standley Lake [High School]?

BD: No.

DB: Why not? You being a dick? I’m totally just kiddin. So what’s new with you? Still doing theatre and shit?

BD: Yep.

DB: What’s up with the cubbies? They gonna blow it again this year? Total fags.

BD: Probably. So, let me know if you’re ever in Chicago. Take care dude. Brad

DB: I’m actually going there for my company. I work for Play it Again Sports – corporate office. There’s a meeting in chiago I have to go to. Gonna hit Michigan ave.

BD: Cool. So I’m really glad we connected. Glad to hear you’re doing well. It had been so long since we spoke – 18 years since high school. Then really, I don’t think we had spoken since sophomore year, so yeah. Long time. Good luck on your Chicago trip. Brad