Hot or Not? (Wonkette Edition)

amcSo here we have famed internet star, Ms. Wonkette herself, Ana Marie Cox. I was a huge Wonkette reader back in the day, and love following her on Twitter. If possible, I would love to have it written down in the passages of history regarding the Inter’tubes that Ana Marie was one of the first, if not the first, internet superstar who mastered the art of “snarkiness.” Personally, she did it the right way, and was one of the first to really be able to make a living at it.

She didn’t rely on half-naked pictures, she didn’t rely on sexual innuendos, she relied on news with attitude. And who doesn’t love that?

However – the question remains: Is she hot? Here’s my thoughts…

In this picture (the best one out there) she is totally cute. Without a doubt someone I would love to snuggle up to and have a bottle of wine, some wonderful conversation, and might even consider watching “She’s Not That Into You” if she suggested it. If you scan all the images that show up in a Google search, there’s a bunch of images with her hair cut short (not so hot, and kind of matronly) and some of her just downright not hot. Given that this is a PR shot – it’s made to paint her in a nice light, and the vast majority of pics show her in, well, an average light. SO. Cute – yes, no doubt yes. Hot? eh, not so much.

Ana Marie Cox - Hot or Not?

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