Bay – you better be joking.

attachmentThis can’t be a real, pivotal character in Transformers 2, or else, I will cry – and my anger will burn with the intensity of a 1000 suns. “Ejector”. A GD toaster?!

To say I’m excited for Transformers 2 is an understatement. I love, and will henceforth go on record as saying so, that I thoroughly, undoubtedly, and always will, love the first one. I just do. It’s got big robots, big explosions, some “America, rah rah rah” moments – and most of all, Shia LeBouf. Who can’t get enough of that kid?

Ok, maybe not the Shia part, but seeing Optimus rolling down the street on the big screen was one of those moments in movies where I go, “Whoa.” Like that moment when you first, FIRST, see the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Remember that moment? That was like, the best moment EVER to be a fan of movies.

Anywhoo – I love Transformers. HOWEVER – when I see that Bay put in a transforming toaster…? That’s when I start getting a little mad. Who knows, maybe it’s like the XBOX transformer at the end of the first movie… It’s a little snippet, side thing or something.

But if it’s real… By God, I will storm the gates of Hollywood.