The case against Sonia Sotomayor

sotomayorBarack Obama has nominated Sonia Sotomayor to replace David Souter on The Supreme Court. Conservative action groups have stated that, aside from graduating Summa cum laude from Princeton, graduating second in her class at Yale, and previously being nominated by George H. W. Bush, she’s completely unqualified. But what are the other arguments that Republicans have raised against Sonia Sotomayor

  • Comes off like a real asshole when taken out of context.
  • So liberal she refuses to rank seasons of Seinfeld for fear of hurting the feelings of the others.
  • Once again, obvious choice of Diana Ross overlooked to become Supreme.
  • Her name’s weird.
  • Wrote legal opinion in affirmative action case that led to the placement of Apache Chief in Superfriends.
  • Supports the right of Theatre Majors to marry.
  • Presided over ruling allowing Gays to mention their sexual preference a lot at art openings.
  • More of a Partridge Family fan than Brady Bunch, throwing off the balance in the Court.
  • Sided with Smog Monster in landmark case of Godzilla v. Smog Monster.
  • Supports a Woman’s right to smoothies.
  • Activist Judge position requires installation of Nordic Track in chambers, makes lazier judges feel bad.
  • Dated Screech.